Avis LaFrance,
Founder of LaFrance Image Consulting

Avis LaFrance, image consultant to the stars, works with clients to provide an end-to-end solution, while coaching and training you on how to maintain your best image!

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, LaFrance Image Consulting is a boutique image consulting firm that specializes in helping you accomplish your professional and personal style goals. Avis epitomizes everything she believes in and is committed to helping you define, present, and maintain a personal branding message that exudes confidence and success. Her ability to interact with people on different levels and her passion to see others succeed is evident. Having seen the result of a polished, professional image during her 23 years in corporate America, Avis works to help others tap into their power to Discover the You Within.

Let LaFrance Image Consulting show you how to make small, simple changes that will in turn, make a huge impact. You'll walk away empowered to make choices that help you look your absolute best and will feel confident about your personal presentation from head to toe.

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Our success rate over the last 10 years: 100%!